Training Packages At A Glance

What is a training package?


A Training Package is a set of nationally endorsed standards and qualifications used to recognise and assess the skills and knowledge people need to perform effectively in the workplace.

What is the purpose of a training package?

The purpose of a training package is to

  • enable qualifications to be awarded through the direct assessment of competencies
  • encourage the development and delivery of training to suit individual needs
  • encourage learning in a workplace environment
  • provide a pool of potential employees who meet nationally recognised standards of competence in a particular area. (

 How do I benefit from training packages?  

  • Training meets the needs and requirements of industry and standards set by industry.
  • Qualifications are consistent and nationally recognised, making it easier for students to move between states and territories and for employers to hire people who have worked for other companies or moved from interstate.
  • Students and employees have the flexibility to choose how, when and where the training is undertaken.
  • Individuals and businesses are assured of the quality of training and qualifications in areas that specifically suit the needs of the enterprise.(

What are the current training packages for the community service and health industries?

The new Community Service Training Package (CHC08) was endorsed in December 2008. You can down load it for free from the National Training Information Service.

You can also purchase a (CHC08) CD-ROM version from the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council.


The Health Industry Training Package is HLT07. You can down load it free of charge from the National Training Information Service.

It is also available for purchase from the CSHISC



 Update - Meeting NQC requirements:

CHC08 Community Services & HLT07 Health Training Packages The Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council are reviewing feedback on the draft version 3 of CHC08 Community Services and HLY07 Health Training Packages. 

Once reviewed, a draft of the Training Packages will be put to the Training Package Advisory Committee (TPAC) for review prior to production of a final draft for submission to the National Quality Council (NQC) due 31 December 2010.

A final draft of the Training Packages will be submitted to the NQC for endorsement by 31 December 2010, ensuring NQC Training Package requirements are reflected as well as embedding skills for sustainability.

Further details at