Handbooks for Clinical Placement for Industry and Students
undertaking Certificate IV and Diploma of Nursing

In 2010 a project with funding from the Department of Health was completed  to assist industry and students who were undertaking the Certificate IV and Diploma of Nursing.

The student handbooks was developed to provide context and simple explanations for clinical placement, as well as how to engage with and successfully navigate the clinical experience.

It also includes a summary of qualification requirements and the professional codes and guidelines that govern nursing practice for quick reference.

Real life examples are used within the guide, from students, facilitators and mentors, to highlight key points and provide relevance. Throughout the resource, students will find suggestions for further reading to help build their understanding of the clinical placement experience.

The information in the handbook reflects current processes and regulations in Australia.

The companion handbook is aimed to assist the clinical facilitators of Certificate IV or Diploma of Nursing students to foster a positive clinical learning experience.  It contains a summary of the qualification requirements, the assessment principles used to evaluate student performance, and the professional codes and guidelines that govern nursing practice.

The handbook clarifies the educational structures of learning within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. It is a resource for clinical facilitators and ward staff members who mentor students, whether they are based with the health care organisation or Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

 Access the handbooks using the links below:

 Handbook_for_students_final__2010.pdf   and  Handbook_for_clinical_facilitators_final_2010_2.pdf

This Workforce Development Industry Resource Kit was developed as a component of the Building Connections project in 2010.

The resource kit  aims to assist enterprises with workforce development and importantly practical tools that can be applied to individual workplaces.

This kit is divided into five sections:

  • Workplace planning
  • Attraction and Labour supply
  • Skill Development and Pathways
  • Models in Action
  • Leadership

This resource is an introduction to workforce development and provides tools to help you get started in your own workplace.  It is intended that this kit is iterative in its development and as such offers information that was appropriate at the time of its publication.  You are advised to check with the secretariat for further details where necessary. Click here for the Building Connections Resource Kit.

email: cshitbv@intraining.org.au for further information

Communicate and Connect DVD

Communicate and Connect DVD cover

This DVD targets the specific communication skills to build trust and respect between coordinators/team leaders and their clients and colleagues, in Community and Aged Services.

Communicate and Connect supports the competency CHCCOM403A Use targeted communication skills to build relationships and includes 7 different workplace scenarios and a Trainers' Resource Kit on CD.

The workplace scenarios cover:
· listening and questioning effectively
· interview and review
· culturally appropriate communication
· coach and mentor
· build rapport and address barriers to communication
· team meetings
· respond to challenges and conflict.

DVD Duration: 26 min 52 sec Price: $135 (DVD and Trainers' Resource Kit on CD)

Contact Name: Maree McEvoy, Ideas That Work
Contact Phone: 0395251407
Contact Email:
Website: For short preview of "Communicate and Connect" (website link http://www.ideasthatwork.com.au/community-aged-services/communicate-and-connect/)

Healthy Bodies DVD Cover Healthy Bodies Training DVD

This Australian produced DVD is an excellent starting point for anyone in the Health sector who requires a basic knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body systems.

The language in the DVD is clear and easy to understand and each body system is explored and explained logically by
combining animation and live action.

This DVD can be used as a training resource across a broad range of areas including Health, Home and Community Care
and Aged Services.

It supports the competency HLTAP301A Recognise healthy body systems in a health care context and supports the following qualifications in the Health Training Package (HLT07) where HLTAP301A is a compulsory or pre/co-requisite or mandatory elective unit such as:

  • HLT32507 Certificate III in Health Service Assistance
  • HLT33407 Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance
  • HLT33107 Certificate III in Basic Health Care
  • HLT30207 Certificate III in Non-Emergency Client Support
  • HLT31507 Certificate III in Nutrition and Dietetic Assistance
  • HLT42507 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance
  • HLT43607 Certificate IV in Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology
  • HLT41507 Certificate IV in Hyperbaric Technology.

Total DVD Duration 40 min 30 sec Price: $135

Contact Name: Maree McEvoy, Ideas That Work
Contact Phone: 03 95251407
Contact Email:
Website: For short preview of "Healthy Bodies"
(link to